Ratio antideuteron over deuteron in X V0M multiplicity class

S. Acharya, Dagmar Adamova, Alexander Adler, Jonatan Adolfsson, Madan Mohan Aggarwal, Gianluca Aglieri Rinella, Michelangelo Agnello, Neelima Agrawal, Zubayer Ahammed, Shakeel Ahmad, Sang Un Ahn, Alexander Akindinov, Mohammad Al-Turany, Sk Noor Alam, Danilo Silva De Albuquerque, Dmitry Aleksandrov, Bruno Alessandro, Haidar Mas'ud Alfanda, Jose Ruben Alfaro Molina, Bushra Ali, Yasir Ali, Andrea Alici, Anton Alkin, Johan Alme, Torsten Alt … & Nicola Zurlo
The study of (anti-)deuteron production in pp collisions has proven to be a powerful tool to investigate the formation mechanism of loosely bound states in high energy hadronic collisions. In this paper the production of $\text{(anti-)deuterons}$ is studied as a function of the charged particle multiplicity in inelastic pp collisions at $\sqrt{s}=13$ TeV using the ALICE experiment. Thanks to the large accumulated integrated luminosity, it has been possible to measure (anti-)deuteron production in pp collisions...
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