Venus Climate Orbiter Akatsuki IR2 Raw Data PDS3 dataset

Shin-ya Murakami, Takehiko Satoh, Manabu Yamada, Atsushi Yamazaki, Kevin McGouldrick, Yukio Yamamoto & George L. Hashimoto
This dataset contains products acquired by the IR2 instrument of the Venus Climate Orbiter (VCO, also known as PLANET-C and AKATSUKI) spacecraft. This dataset conforms PDS3 Standard. This dataset uses the Committee on Data Management and Computation (CODMAC) data level numbering system. The IR2 EDRs are considered Level 2 or Edited Data (equivalent to NASA Level 1A). The EDRs are reconstructed from Level 1 or Raw Data. This dataset consists entirely of FITS files. Uncalibrated...
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