AEMON-J/DSOS Archive: \"Hacking Limnology\" Workshop + Virtual Summit in Data Science & Open Science in Aquatic Research

Michael Meyer, Robert Ladwig, Isabella Oleksy, Jorrit Mesman, Jacob Zwart, Alli Cramer, Kaelin Cawley, johannes feldbauer, Patricia Tran, Gregor Moreira, Muhammed Shikhani, Deviyani Gurung, Robert Hensley, Elena Matta, Ryan McClure, Thomas Petzoldt, Nuria Lopez, Karline Soetaert, Mridul Thomas, Simon Topp, , Elizabeth McDaniel, Laura Schaerer, Stefano Mezzini, Charuleka Varadharajan … & Abdou Bah
This OSF project is meant to serve as a long-term storage repository for presentations and workshop materials for the Aquatic Ecosystem Modeling-Junior (AEMON-J) and Virtual Summit: Incorporating Data Science and Open Science (DSOS) communities. Contributors in this repository include past presenters and workshop organizers. Contributors are only responsible for those individual presentations that are labeled with their surname.
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