Testing child reactive temperament as a moderator in attachment transmission

Marije Verhage, Sheri Madigan, Carlo Schuengel, Pasco Fearon, Marinus van IJzendoorn, Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, Glenn Roisman, Mirjam Oosterman, Howard Steele, Annie Bernier, Kazuko Behrens, Jude Cassidy, Karin Ensink, George Tarabulsy, Ora Aviezer & Mette Vaever
Ever since Main et al. (1985)’s discovery that parents’ attachment representations are associated with parent-child attachment, the intergenerational transmission of attachment has intrigued researchers across the globe. Research has focused on sensitive caregiver behavior as the mediating mechanism through which a parent’s attachment state of mind expresses itself leading to child-parent attachment, but meta-analytic evidence showed that sensitive responsiveness explained only 25% of the intergenerational association (Van IJzendoorn, 1995; Verhage et al., 2016). Solving this...
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