Data Analytic Replication of a Research Claim from Burgoon (2014), from WorldPolitics

Jianhua Duan, Elan Parsons, Olivia Miske, Brianna Luis, Zachary Loomas, Nicholas Fox, Andrew Tyner, Krystal Hahn, Sanghyun Hong & W. Reed
This is a Data Analytic Replication (DAR) attempt on the claim 4 “Table 1 summarizes the baseline results focused on Support redistribution...Models 2...directly test hypotheses...suggesting that the economic nonintegration measures particularly diminish the degree to which Foreign-born percent has a negative effect. This can be seen by the significant interaction terms in model 2 for interaction with Gap in unemployment (hypothesis 1)...[Table 1, Column (2), Foreign-born × Gap = –0.021 (0.008), p < 0.05]”, from...
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