Data Analytic Replication of a Research Claim from Echavarri (2016), from WorldDev

Jianhua Duan, Elan Parsons, Olivia Miske, Brianna Luis, Zachary Loomas, Nicholas Fox, Andrew Tyner, Krystal Hahn, Sanghyun Hong, Nathaniel Porter & W. Reed
This is a Data Analytic Replication (DAR) attempt on the Claim 4 “Regarding the effect of societal discrimination against young girls, holding constant other socioeconomic and cultural factors, and given the mean number of unwanted daughters within the household (0.80), our estimates support that increases in societal discrimination are associated with 0.045 increases in the expected number of daughters’ deaths (p < 0.001).” from Echávarri and Husillos (2016). The statistical evidence is: Table 2, Column...
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