Cardiomyocyte ionic currents in intact young and aged murine Pgc-1β-/- atrial preparations.

Haseeb Valli, Shiraz Ahmad, Anita Y Jiang, Robert Smyth, Kamalan Jeevaratnam, Hugh Matthews & Christopher Huang
Introduction Recent studies reported that energetically deficient murine Pgc-1β-/- hearts replicate age-dependent atrial arrhythmic phenotypes associated with their corresponding clinical conditions, implicating action potential (AP) conduction slowing consequent upon reduced AP upstroke rates. Materials and Methods. We tested a hypothesis implicating Na+ current alterations as a mechanism underlying these electrophysiological phenotypes. We applied loose patch-clamp techniques to intact young and aged, WT and Pgc-1β-/-, atrial cardiomyocyte preparations preserving their in vivo extracellular and intracellular conditions....
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