Zeolite Y supported nickel phosphide catalysts for the hydrodenitrogenation of quinoline as a proxy for crude bio-oils from hydrothermal liquefaction of microalgae.

Jonathan L Wagner, Emyr Jones, Asel Sartbaeva, Sean A Davis, Laura Torrente-Murciano, Christopher J Chuck & Valeska P Ting
This work demonstrates the potential of zeolite Y supported nickel phosphide materials as highly active catalysts for the upgrading of bio-oil as improved alternative to noble metal and transition metal sulphide systems. Our systematic work studied the effect of using different counterions (NH4+, H+, K+ and Na+) and Si/Al ratios (2.56 and 15) of the zeolite Y. It demonstrates that whilst the zeolite counterion itself has little impact on the catalytic activity of the bare...
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