Dynamic structure mediates halophilic adaptation of a DNA polymerase from the deep-sea brines of the Red Sea.

Masateru Takahashi, Etsuko Takahashi, Luay Joudeh, Monica Marini, Gobind Das, Mohamed M Elshenawy, Anastassja Akal, Kosuke Sakashita, Intikhab Alam, Muhammad Tehseen, Mohamed A Sobhy, Ulrich Stingl, Jasmeen S Merzaban, Enzo Di Fabrizio & Samir M Hamdan
The deep-sea brines of the Red Sea are remote and unexplored environments characterized by high temperatures, anoxic water, and elevated concentrations of salt and heavy metals. This environment provides a rare system to study the interplay between halophilic and thermophilic adaptation in biologic macromolecules. The present article reports the first DNA polymerase with halophilic and thermophilic features. Biochemical and structural analysis by Raman and circular dichroism spectroscopy showed that the charge distribution on the protein's...
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