The emergence of classical BSE from atypical/Nor98 scrapie.

Alvina Huor, Juan Carlos Espinosa, Enric Vidal, Hervé Cassard, Jean-Yves Douet, Séverine Lugan, Naima Aron, Alba Marín-Moreno, Patricia Lorenzo, Patricia Aguilar-Calvo, Juan Badiola, Rosa Bolea, Martí Pumarola, Sylvie L Benestad, Leonore Orge, Alana Thackray, Raymond Bujdoso, Juan-Maria Torres & Olivier Andreoletti
Atypical/Nor98 Scrapie (AS) is a prion disease of small ruminants. Currently there are no efficient measures to control this form of prion disease and, importantly, the zoonotic potential and the risk that AS might represent for other farmed animal species remains largely unknown. In this study, we investigated the capacity of AS to propagate in bovine PrP transgenic mice. Unexpectedly, the transmission of AS isolates originating from five different European countries to bovine PrP mice...
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