SLAMF9 is found on select subsets of antigen-presenting cells and promotes resistance to Salmonella infection.

Timothy J Wilson, Simon Clare, Joseph Mikulin, Christopher M Johnson, Katherine Harcourt, Paul Lyons, Gordon Dougan & Kenneth Smith
SLAMF9 is an orphan receptor of the CD2/SLAM family of leucocyte surface proteins. Examination of SLAMF9 expression and function indicates that SLAMF9 promotes inflammation by specialized subsets of antigen presenting cells. Within healthy liver and circulating mouse PBMCs, SLAMF9 is expressed on CD11b+, Ly6C-, CD11clow , F4/80low , MHC-II+, CX3 CR1+ mononuclear phagocytes as well as plasmacytoid dendritic cells. In addition, SLAMF9 can be found on peritoneal B1 cells and small (F4/80low ), but not...
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