Imaging breast cancer using hyperpolarized carbon-13 MRI.

Ferdia Gallagher, Ramona Woitek, Mary McLean, Andrew Gill, Raquel Manzano Garcia, Elena Provenzano, Frank Riemer, Joshua Kaggie, Anita Chhabra, Stephan Ursprung, James Grist, Charlie J Daniels, Fulvio Zaccagna, Marie-Christine Laurent, Matthew Locke, Sarah Hilborne, Amy Frary, Turid Torheim, Chris Boursnell, Amy Schiller, Ilse Patterson, Rhys Slough, Bruno Carmo, Justine Kane, Heather Biggs … & Kevin Brindle
Purpose: To investigate the feasibility of imaging tumor metabolism in breast cancer patients using 13C magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) of hyperpolarized 13C label exchange between injected [1-13C]pyruvate and the endogenous tumor lactate pool. Methods: Treatment-naïve breast cancer patients were recruited: four triple negative grade 3 cancers; two invasive ductal carcinomas that were estrogen and progesterone receptor positive (ER/PR+) and HER2/neu negative (HER2-), one grade 2 and one grade 3; and one grade 2 ER/PR+...
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