DORN1/P2K1 and purino-calcium signalling in plants: making waves with extracellular ATP.

Elsa Matthus, Jian Sun, Limin Wang, Madhura G Bhat, Amirah B Mohammad-Sidik, Katie A Wilkins, Nathalie Leblanc-Fournier, Valérie Legué, Bruno Moulia, Gary Stacey & Julia M Davies
BACKGROUND AND AIMS:Extracellular ATP governs a range of plant functions, including cell viability, adaptation and cross-kingdom interactions. Key functions of extracellular ATP in leaves and roots may involve an increase in cytosolic free calcium as a second messenger ('calcium signature'). The main aim here was to determine to what extent leaf and root calcium responses require the DORN1/P2K1 extracellular ATP receptor in Arabidopsis thaliana. The second aim was to test whether extracellular ATP can generate...
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