Laura Chuhan Campbell, The Medieval Merlin Tradition in France and Italy: Prophecy, Paradox, and “Translatio”. (Gallica.) Cambridge, UK: D. S. Brewer, 2017. Pp. viii, 211. £60. ISBN: 978-1-84384-480-8.

Irene Fabry-Tehranchi
This book, a revised version of the author’s 2011 dissertation at the University of Durham, studies the reinterpretation of Merlin’s character in French and Italian Arthurian literature through the question of translation. Laura Chuhan Campbell includes later medieval Italian Merlinian material (in line with Daniela Delcorno Branca’s work on the reception and rewriting of Arthurian texts in Italy) and her book serves as a welcome addition to recent studies in French literature, and the historical...
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