Radiosynthesis of [ 18 F]-Labelled Pro-Nucleotides (ProTides)

Cavaliere, Probst, Paisey, Marshall , Dheere, Aigbirhio, McGuigan & Westwell
Phosphoramidate pro-nucleotides (ProTides) have revolutionized the field of anti-viral and anti-cancer nucleoside therapy, overcoming the major limitations of nucleoside therapies and achieving clinical and commercial success. Despite the translation of ProTide technology into the clinic, there remain unresolved in vivo pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic questions. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging using [18F]-labelled model ProTides could directly address key mechanistic questions and predict response to ProTide therapy. Here we report the first radiochemical synthesis of [18F]ProTides as...
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