A novel TLR 4 mediated pathway triggers interferon independent G0 arrest and 2 antiviral SAMHD1 activity in macrophages

Petra Mlcochova, Helena Winstone, Lorena Zuliani-Alvarez & Ravindra Gupta
Macrophages exist predominantly in two distinct states, G0 and a G1-like state that is accompanied by phosphorylation of SAMHD1 at T592. Here we demonstrate that TLR4 activation mediated by LPS or ingestion of whole E. Coli can potently induce G0 arrest and SAMHD1 antiretroviral activity by a novel IFN-independent pathway. This pathway is not sensitive to TBK1 depletion or to block of IRF3 translocation, but is sensitive to TRIF depletion by siRNA, indicating that the...
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