Genome-wide association study identifies 32 novel breast cancer susceptibility loci from overall and subtype-specific analyses.

Haoyu Zhang, Thomas U Ahearn, Julie Lecarpentier, Daniel Barnes, Jonathan Beesley, Guanghao Qi, Xia Jiang, Tracy A O'Mara, Ni Zhao, Manjeet K Bolla, Alison Dunning, Joe Dennis, Qin Wang, Zumuruda Abu Ful, Kristiina Aittomäki, Irene L Andrulis, Hoda Anton-Culver, Volker Arndt, Kristan J Aronson, Banu K Arun, Paul L Auer, Jacopo Azzollini, Daniel Barrowdale, Heiko Becher, Matthias W Beckmann … & Montserrat García-Closas
Breast cancer susceptibility variants frequently show heterogeneity in associations by tumor subtype1-3.To identify novel loci, we performed a genome-wide association study (GWAS) including 133,384 breast cancer cases and 113,789 controls, plus 18,908 BRCA1 mutation carriers (9,414 with breast cancer) of European ancestry, using both standard and novel methodologies that account for underlying tumor heterogeneity by estrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR), and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) status and tumor grade. We identified...
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