Image-Based Cell Profiling Enables Quantitative Tissue Microscopy in Gastroenterology.

John Wills, Jack Robertson, Huw D Summers, Michelle Miniter, Claire Barnes, Rachel Hewitt, Åsa V Keita, Johan D Söderholm, Paul Rees & Jonathan Powell
Immunofluorescence microscopy is an essential tool for tissue-based research, yet data reporting is almost always qualitative. Quantification of images, at the per-cell level, enables ‘flow cytometry-type’ analyses with intact locational data but achieving this is complex. Gastrointestinal tissue, for example, is highly diverse: from mixed-cell epithelial layers through to discrete lymphoid patches. Moreover, different species (e.g., rat, mouse and humans) and tissue preparations (paraffin / frozen) are all commonly studied. Here, using field-relevant examples, we...
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