Machine-intelligent inkjet-printed α-Fe2O3/rGO towards NO2 quantification in ambient humidity

TienChun Wu, Jie Dai, Guohua Hu, Wen-Bei Yu, Osarenkhoe Ogbeide, Andrea De Luca, Xiao Huang, Bao-Lian Su, Yu Li, Florin Udrea & Tawfique Hasan
Metal oxides (MOx) represent one of the most investigated chemiresistive gas sensing platforms in spite of the challenges in selectivity to analytes and interference from humidity (RH). While se- lectivity is traditionally improved by cross-referencing sensor arrays, interferences from humidity (RH) in ambient environment, to which the majority of the MOx materials are susceptible, can- not be inherently quantified. For standalone MOx sensors, it is therefore difficult to discriminate responses from analytes and humidity. We...
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