Altered Cardiovascular Defense to Hypotensive Stress in the Chronically Hypoxic Fetus.

Beth J Allison, Kirsty L Brain, Youguo Niu, Andrew D Kane, Emilio A Herrera, Avnesh S Thakor, Kimberley J Botting, Christine M Cross, Nozomi Itani, Caroline J Shaw, Katie L Skeffington, Chritian Beck & Dino Giussani
The hypoxic fetus is at greater risk of cardiovascular demise during a challenge, but the reasons behind this are unknown. Clinically, progress has been hampered by the inability to study the human fetus non-invasively for long period of gestation. Using experimental animals, there has also been an inability to induce gestational hypoxia while recording fetal cardiovascular function as the hypoxic pregnancy is occurring. We use novel technology in sheep pregnancy that combines induction of controlled...
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