Key questions for modelling COVID-19 exit strategies.

Robin N Thompson, T Déirdre Hollingsworth, Valerie Isham, Daniel Arribas-Bel, Ben Ashby, Tom Britton, Peter Challenor, Lauren HK Chappell, Hannah Clapham, Nik Cunniffe, A Philip Dawid, Christl A Donnelly, Rosalind M Eggo, Sebastian Funk, Nigel Gilbert, Paul Glendinning, Julia Gog, William S Hart, Hans Heesterbeek, Thomas House, Matt Keeling, István Z Kiss, Mirjam E Kretzschmar, Alun L Lloyd, Emma S McBryde … & Olivier Restif
Combinations of intense non-pharmaceutical interventions ('lockdowns') were introduced in countries worldwide to reduce SARS-CoV-2 transmission. Many governments have begun to implement lockdown exit strategies that allow restrictions to be relaxed while attempting to control the risk of a surge in cases. Mathematical modelling has played a central role in guiding interventions, but the challenge of designing optimal exit strategies in the face of ongoing transmission is unprecedented. Here, we report discussions from the Isaac Newton...
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