Application of the LymphGen classification tool to 928 clinically and genetically-characterised cases of diffuse large B cell lymphoma (DLBCL).

Hendrik FP Runge, Stuart Lacy, Sharon Barrans, Philip A Beer, Daniel Painter, Alexandra Smith, Eve Roman, Cathy Burton, Simon Crouch, Reuben Tooze & Daniel Hodson
We recently published results of targeted sequencing applied to 928 unselected cases of DLBCL registered in the Haematological Malignancy Research Network (HMRN) registry (1). Clustering allowed us to resolve five genomic subtypes. These subtypes shared considerable overlap with those proposed in two independent genomic studies(2, 3), suggesting the potential to use genetics to stratify patients by both risk and biology. In the original studies, clustering techniques were applied to sample cohorts to reveal molecular substructure,...
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