The GAPS Programme at TNG XXVII. Reassessment of a young planetary system with HARPS-N: is the hot Jupiter V830 Tau b really there?

M Damasso, AF Lanza, S Benatti, Vinesh Rajpaul, M Mallonn, S Desidera, K Biazzo, V D'Orazi, L Malavolta, D Nardiello, M Rainer, F Borsa, L Affer, A Bignamini, AS Bonomo, I Carleo, R Claudi, R Cosentino, E Covino, P Giacobbe, R Gratton, A Harutyunyan, C Knapic, G Leto, A Maggio … & D Turrini
Detecting and characterising exoworlds around very young stars (age$
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