The study of ancient viral class II envelope fusion proteins within the viral retroelements of Nematoda and the nuclear plasmids of Dictyostelium

Monique Merchant
Within the parasitic nematode Ancylostoma ceylanicum, a nearly 20 million-year-old Bel/Pao LTR-retrotransposon encodes an ancient viral class II envelope fusion protein. Typically, retroviruses and related degenerate retrotransposons encode a hemagglutinin-like class I envelope fusion protein. A subset of Bel/Pao LTR-retrotransposons within the phylum Nematoda have acquired a phlebovirus-like env and utilized the encoded fusion machinery to escape the genome as intact and novel exogenous retrovirus. This includes C. elegans retroelement 13 virus which was recently...
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