TASOR is a pseudo-PARP that directs HUSH complex assembly and epigenetic transposon control

Christopher H. Douse, Iva A. Tchasovnikarova, Richard T. Timms, Anna V. Protasio, Marta Seczynska, Daniil M. Prigozhin, Anna Albecka, Jane Wagstaff, James C. Williamson, Stefan M. V. Freund, Paul J. Lehner & Yorgo Modis
Abstract: The HUSH complex represses retroviruses, transposons and genes to maintain the integrity of vertebrate genomes. HUSH regulates deposition of the epigenetic mark H3K9me3, but how its three core subunits — TASOR, MPP8 and Periphilin — contribute to assembly and targeting of the complex remains unknown. Here, we define the biochemical basis of HUSH assembly and find that its modular architecture resembles the yeast RNA-induced transcriptional silencing complex. TASOR, the central HUSH subunit, associates with...
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