A Comprehensive Subcellular Atlas of the Toxoplasma Proteome via hyperLOPIT Provides Spatial Context for Protein Functions.

Konstantin Barylyuk, Ludek Koreny, Huiling Ke, Simon Butterworth, Oliver M Crook, Imen Lassadi, Vipul Gupta, Eelco Tromer, Tobias Mourier, Tim J Stevens, Lisa M Breckels, Arnab Pain, Kathryn Lilley & Ross Waller
Apicomplexan parasites cause major human disease and food insecurity. They owe their considerable success to highly specialized cell compartments and structures. These adaptations drive their recognition and non-destructive penetration of hosts’ cells and the elaborate reengineering of the host cells to promote growth, dissemination, and the countering of host defenses. The evolution of unique apicomplexan cellular compartments is concomitant with vast proteomic novelty. Consequently, half of apicomplexan proteins are unique and uncharacterized. Here, we determine...
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