Research data supporting ‘High-Throughput Electrical Characterisation of Nanomaterials From Room to Cryogenic Temperatures’

Luke Smith, Jack O Batey, Jack Allen Alexander-Webber, Ye Fan, Yu-Chiang Hsieh, Shin-Jr Fung, Dimitars Jevtics, Joshua Robertson, Benoit JE Guilhabert, Michael J Strain, Martin D Dawson, Antonio Hurtado, Jonathan P Griffiths, Harvey E Beere, Chennupati Jagadish, Oliver J Burton, Stephan Hofmann, Tse-Ming Chen, David Ritchie, Michael Kelly, Hannah Joyce & Charles Smith
Measurements are performed using electrical methods described in the paper. Data to generate all plots in the associated publication are contained within the zipped file as separate ‘.txt’ files. The README.txt file contains information about each separate file.
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