Real-time Porosity Mapping and Visualization for Synchrotron Tomography

Aniket Tekawade, Viktor Nikitin, Yashas Satapathy, Zhengchun Liu, Xuan Zhang, Peter Kenesei, Francesco De Carlo, Rajkumar Kettimuthu & Ian Foster
This data is of a 3d-printed steel cylindrical specimen (nominal diameter 6-millimeter) scanned under monochromatic hard X-ray. The mosaic comprised of 3 horizontal and 6 vertical positions (total 18 scans). The field-of-view for each scan was approximately 2.2 mm wide and 1.4 mm tall with 1.17 micrometer voxel size. With an exposure time of 0.13 milliseconds for 3000 projections, scanning this mosaic took ~2 hours not counting instrument-specific overheads in moving motors to reposition the...
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