Correlative Microscopy Data for Quantification of Prior Austenite Grain Size in AF9628 Steel

V. Sinha, M. Gonzales & E.J. Payton
The files in this dataset are analyzed, discussed, and referenced in these two publications: 1. V. Sinha, M. Gonzales, R.A. Abrahams, B.S. Song, and E.J. Payton, “Correlative microscopy for quantification of prior austenite grain size in AF9628 steel”, Materials Characterization (Accepted). 2. V. Sinha, M. Gonzales, and E.J. Payton, “Datasets acquired with correlative microscopy method for delineation of prior austenite grain boundaries and characterization of prior austenite grain size in a low-alloy high-performance steel”, Data...
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