Chemical vapor deposition of monolayer MoS2 directly on ultrathin Al2O3 for low-power electronics

Hadallia Bergeron, Vinod K. Sangwan, Julian J. McMorrow, Gavin P. Campbell, Itamar Balla, Xiaolong Liu, Michael J. Bedzyk, Tobin J. Marks & Mark C. Hersam
This data corresponds to the characterization of a transfer-free ultrathin heterostructure of a 2D semiconductor and high-k dielectric, and the resulting field-effect transistors. Monolayer MoS2 was grown directly via chemical vapor deposition on 20 nm of amorphous alumina deposited via atomic layer deposition on a silicon substrate. This method of integrating 2D MoS2 with a high-k dielectric results in superior performance in low-power electronics figures of merit. DOI:
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