Simulated microstructures of gamma' precipitates in cobalt-based superalloys

Andrea M. Jokisaari, Shahab Naghavi, Chris Wolverton, Peter W. Voorhees & Olle G. Heinonen
This data set is that generated by the authors to create the publication below for the study on the equilibrium shapes of gamma' precipitates in novel Co-based superalloys. Please see the paper for details: A. M. Jokisaari, S. S. Naghavi, C. Wolverton, P. W. Voorhees, O. G. Heinonen, Predicting the morphologies of gamma prime precipitates in cobalt-based superalloys, submitted as a preprint to arXiv and accepted to Acta Materialia. Please contact O. G. Heinonen (
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