Visualizing Thermally Activated Memristive Switching in Percolating Networks of Solution‐Processed 2D Semiconductors

Vinod K. Sangwan, Sonal V. Rangnekar, Joohoon Kang, Jianan Shen, Hong‐Sub Lee, David Lam, Junhua Shen, Xiaolong Liu, Ana C. M. Moraes, Lidia Kuo, Jie Gu, Haihua Wang & Mark C. Hersam
Memristive systems present a low-power alternative to silicon-based elec-tronics for neuromorphic and in-memory computation. 2D materials have been increasingly explored for memristive applications due to their novel biomimetic functions, ultrathin geometry for ultimate scaling limits, and potential for fabricating large-area, flexible, and printed neuromorphic devices. While the switching mechanism in memristors based on single 2D nanosheets is similar to conventional oxide memristors, the switching mechanism in nanosheet composite films is complicated by the interplay of...
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