Twenty Questions About Design Behavior for Sustainability

Karen Akerloff, Shazeen Attari, Marco Aurisicchio, Tima Bansal, Michaela Barnett, Tomeka Caroll, Juan Castilla-Rho, Nina Chen, Nina Cohen, Sara Constantino, Monica Contestabile, Jeff Domanski, Anna Ebers, Doug Farr, Lina Fedirko, Paul Ferraro, Eleni Fischer, Baruch Fischhoff, Maya Fischhoff, James Geppner, John Gero, Richard Gonzalez, Bethany Gordon, Patrick Hancock, Marisa Henry … & Michelle Zong
To advance understanding of design behavior for sustainability, our panel engaged more than three dozen experts from diverse fields—and spanning academia, practice, and policy. Panelists’ perspectives were synthesized over the course of a year, with two days of in-person discussion preceded and followed by virtual collaboration. As an entry point to study design behavior for sustainability, our panel focused on the design of the human built environment. Such design shapes the quality of human life,...
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