Burst-like shape memory recovery and calorimetric effect in Cu-Al-Ni alloy single crystals at cyclic test

L.I. Guzilova, V.I. Nikolaev, P.N. Yakushev, S.I. Stepanov, R.B. Timashov, A.V. Chikiryaka & S.A. Pulnev
Here we report on compressive stress-strain behavior, ordinary and burst-like shape memory (SM) strain recovery, and associated caloric effects in Cu – 14.02% wt. Al – 4.0% wt. Ni single crystals which have multiphase martensitic structure at room temperature. The effect of repetitive thermo-mechanical cycling on the recovery of the shape memory deformation is investigated. The stress-strain curves of the specimens are smooth in all tests. Immediately after quenching, crystals exhibited burst-like strain recovery accompanied...
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