Raw X-ray diffraction data for Medicago truncatula omega amidase in ADA buffer

Barbara Imiolczyk, Jakub Barciszewski & Mariusz Jaskolski
X-Ray synchrotron diffraction data for Medicago truncatula omega amidase, crystallized in 0.1 M magnesium chloride hexahydrate, 12% w/v PEG 6000, 0.1 M ADA buffer pH 6.5. The diffraction images were collected to the resolution of 2.6A at the BESSY II beamline 14.1 in Berlin at 100K using a Pilatus 6M detector. The data was recorded using X-ray wavelength 0.9184A with oscillation angle 0.25\xb0 and crystal-to-detector distances 543.58mm.
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