Supplementary data to Levin et al. (2021), Radiocarbon in Global Tropospheric Carbon Dioxide

Ingeborg Levin & Samuel Hammer
This data set of two-week integrated 14C-CO2 observations from the global atmospheric monitoring stations Alert (82.45°N, 62.52°W, 185m a.s.l.), Jungfraujoch (46.55°N, 7.98°E, 3450m a.s.l.) and Neumayer (70.65°S, 8.25°E, 17m a.s.l.) are displayed in the Figures of Levin et al. (Radiocarbon in global tropospheric carbon dioxide, 2021). Earlier results had been published by Levin et al. (2010: DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0889.2009.00446.x.) and Hammer and Levin (2017: doi:10.11588/data/10100). The current data sets replace the earlier releases; they have...
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