Tropix 7

Jean Gérard, Daniel Guibal, Sébastien Paradis, Michel Vernay, Jacques Beauchêne, Loïc Brancheriau, Isabelle Châlon, Claude Daigremont, Pierre Détienne, Daniel Fouquet, Patrick Langbour, Sylvain Lotte, Marie-France Thévenon, Catherine Méjean & Anne Thibaut
Tropix software presents hundreds of tropical wood species, and provides a set of technological characteristics for each of them. The data come from CIRAD’s wood database which contains all the results of characterization tests conducted by our laboratories and machining centre over decades. Tropix software was first released in 1997. Current version is 7, released in 2011 but the data are regularly updated (last update is version 7.5.1 from May 2015).