Darstellung und Photochemie eines (Anthrylvinyl)-thiophenfulgids

Franz Effenberger & Johann Wonner
The base-catalyzed reaction of isopropylidenesuccinate 2 with phenylthienylpropenone 1a does not give a Stobbe condensation to 3a but results in an 1,4-addition to 7 which under the basic conditions reacts further to 8 by an intramolecular condensation. The (anthrylvinyl)thiophene fulgide 4c is obtained, however, from 3-glyoxyloyl-2,5-dimethylthiophene hydrate (11) via the 2H-pyran 14: Wittig olefination of 14 with the phosphonium salt 16 leads to the diester 3c which easily is converted to Z,E-4c. - Irradiation of...
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