Intermolekulare Sb···Sb-Wechselwirkungen im kristallinen Tetramethyldistiban (Element-Element-Bindungen ; 3)

Otto Mundt, Heinz Riffel, Gerd Becker & Arndt Simon
Tetramethyldistibane which shows a colour change from deep red to pale yellow upon melting, has been subjected to single-crystal x-ray diffraction analyses at -21° and -139°C (orthorhombic, Pnma, Z = 4, -139°C: a = 1150.9(3); b = 1136.8(2); c = 651.6(2) pm). The molecules adopt the antiperiplanar conformation with the crystallographically imposed symmetry m (c 3) and are aligned in extended linear antimony chains with short intermolecular contacts (-139 °C: Sb-Sb 283.8(1), Sb···Sb 367.8(1) pm;...
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