Ashes of oxyfuel- and air-fired pulverised fuel combustion processes - mineralogical characterisation and long-term modification

Alexander Schopf, René Kull, Hans-Joachim Massonne & Thomas Theye
The focus of our work was the mineralogical analysis of ashes obtained from the combustion of soft brown coal (93.4 % huminite, 4.2 % liptinite, 0.8 % inertinite, 1.6 % pyrite and quartz; detectable amounts of Ca, Fe, Na, K, Mg, Al, Si, S, Cl in the macerals) from the open mine site Welzow-Süd in Lower Lusatia (East Germany). The combustion process was achieved in the Atmospheric Pulverized Fuel Combustion Rig (KSVA) of the Institute...
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