Degradation of fluorene by Brevibacterium sp. strain DPO 1361: a novel C-C bond cleavage mechanism via 1,10-dihydro-1,10-dihydroxyfluoren-9-one

Stefan Peter Trenz, Karl-Heinrich Engesser, Peter Fischer & Hans-Joachim Knackmuss
Angular dioxygenation has been established as the crucial step in dibenzofuran degradation by Brevibacterium sp. strain DPO 1361 (V. Strubel, K. H. Engesser, P. Fischer, and H.-J. Knackmuss, J. Bacteriol. 173:1932-1937, 1991). The same strain utilizes biphenyl and fluorene as sole sources of carbon and energy. The fluorene degradation sequence is proposed to be initiated by oxidation of the fluorene methylene group to 9-fluorenol. Cells grown on fluorene exhibit pronounced 9-fluorenol dehydrogenase activity. Angular dioxygenation...
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