Band structure calculation and tunneling measurements in (BEDT-TTF)2X (X=I3, IAuI)

Meir Weger, Andreas Nowack, Dieter Schweitzer, Jürgen Kübler, Jan M. Van Bentum & Charles S. Sommers
At about the same time when little proposed room-temperature superconductivity in organic polymers, it was suggested that the high-Tc of the more conventional A-15's is associated with their one-dimensional electronic band structure. When TTF-TCNQ was discovered in 1973, it was suggested that the electron-phonon coupling in this 1-D organic molecular crystal is responsible for the metal-to-insulator (Peierls) transition at 52 K2, and reducing λ will cause a crossover to a superconducting state. Since then, the...
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