Magnetic susceptibility under pressure and anisotropy of electrical conductivity in quasi-one-dimensional (perylene)2(AsF 6)0.75(PF6)0.35 × 0.85CH2Cl2

I. Moritz, Salem A. Shaheen, U. Hardebusch, James S. Schilling, Meir Weger, Klaus Bender, Dieter Schweitzer & Heimo J. Keller
The magnetic susceptibility and electrical conductivity of the quasi-one-dimensional organic metal (Perylene)2(AsF6)0.75(PF6)0.35 × 0.85CH2Cl2 was studied in the temperature range 3–300 K. The measured susceptibility can be separated into its defect χd, core χc and enhanced paramagnetic spin susceptibility χp components. χp is found to decrease upon lowering the temperature or applying pressure, in analogy with results on charge transfer compounds such as TTF-TCNQ. The conductivity ratio σdouble vertical bar/σperpendicular also decreases with falling temperature....
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