Synthesis, structure and physical properties of a two-dimensional organic metal, di[bis(ethylenedithiolo)tetrathiofulvalene] triiodide, (BEDT-TTF)2+I3-

Klaus Bender, Ingolf Hennig, Dieter Schweitzer, Klaus Dietz, Helmut Endres & Heimo J. Keller
Electrical oxidation of bis(ethylenedithiolo)tetrathiofulvalene (BEDT-TTF) 1 in a nitrogen saturated tetrahydrofurane solution containing (n-C4H10)4N+I3 as electrolyte results in the deposition of crystal plates of (BEDT-TTF)+2I3 (C10H8S8)2I3. These two dimensional crystals are triclinic, space group P1, a = 9.211(2), b=10.850(4), c = 17.488(5) Aring, agr=96.95(2), β = 97.97(2), γ = 90.75(2)°, V = 1717 Aring3, Mr = 1150.01, Z=2, Dx =2.22 g cm-3. Rw = 0.037 for 2462 observed reflections. Sheets of alternating cations and anions...
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