Newly established human retinoblastoma cell lines exhibit an \"immortalized\" but not an invasive phenotype in vitro

Sabine Griegel, Chen Hong, Roland Frötschl, Dieter F. Hülser, Valerie Greger, Bernhard Horsthemke & Manfred F. Rajewsky
Retinoblastoma (RB), an intraocular childhood tumor occurring in a hereditary (mostly bilateral) or non-hereditary (unilateral) form, is associated with the inactivation of both alleles of a putative tumor suppressor gene (RB-I) located on chromosome 13q14. Both the process of RB development and the biological characteristics of RB cells are as yet poorly understood. We have established 7 new RBL lines (RBL13, RBL14, RBL18 and RBL30, derived from unilateral RB; and RBL7, RBL15 and RBL20, derived...
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