Methylenphosphanyl-Komplexe von Chrom, Molybdän, Wolfram, Eisen und Nickel: Synthese und Reaktionen

Edgar Niecke, Hans-Jürgen Metternich, Martin Nieger, Dietrich Gudat, Peter Wenderoth, Wolfgang Malisch, Christoph Hahner & Wolfgang Reich
The reaction of the functionalized P/C double bond systems X-P=C(R)SiMe3 [R = SiMe3 and X = Cl (1a), Cp* (5a) or R = Ph and X = Br (1b), Cp* (5b)] with alkali carbonylmetallates or carbonyl complexes of group 6, 8, and 10 metals leads to the formation of the transition metal-substituted phosphaalkenes [{M}-P=C(R)SiMe3 3a-j and 4a-i], in which the P-C fragment acts as a one-electron donor. Depending on the nucleophilicity of the transition metal...
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