Dioxygenolytic cleavage of aryl ether bonds: 1,10-dihydro-1,10-dihydroxyfluoren-9-one, a novel arene dihydrodiol as evidence for angular dioxygenation of dibenzofuran

Karl-Heinrich Engesser, Volker Strubel, Konstantinos Christoglou, Peter Fischer & Hans G. Rast
Two dibenzofuran degrading bacteria, Brevibacterium strain DPO 1361 and strain DPO 220, were found to utilize fluorene as sole source of carbon and energy. Cells which were grown on dibenzofuran, transformed fluorene into a number of products. For five of the seven metabolites isolated, the structure could be established unequivocally. Accumulation of one metabolite, 1,10-dihydroxy-1, 10-dihydrofluoren-9-one, indicated the presence of a novel type of dioxygenase, attacking polynuclear aromatic systems in the unusual angular position. Dibenzofuran...
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