10 Gb/s monolithic integrated MSM-photodiode AlGaAs/GaAs-HEMT optoelectronic receiver

Volker Hurm, Josef Rosenzweig, Manfred Ludwig, Willi Benz, Ricardo Osorio, Manfred Berroth, Axel Hülsmann, Gudrun Kaufel, Klaus Köhler, Brian Raynor & Joachim Schneider
A photoreceiver based on a metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) photodiode and AlGaAs/GaAs HEMTs is presented. The photoreceiver was fabricated using a 0.5-μm recessed-gate process for double delta-doped quantum-well HEMTs. The following mean values for the enhancement and depletion HEMT parameters, respectively, have been obtained: threshold voltages of 0.1 and -0.5 V, transconductances of 500 and 390 mS/mm, source resistances of 0.7 and 0.6 Ω-mm, and transit frequencies of 35 and 30 GHz. This process includes photodiodes. A...
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