OpenBioMaps Database Query

A dataset containing 70 species occurrences available in matching the query: "faj LIKE: Calopteryx%, Agrion%, Lestes%', Chalcolestes%, Sympecma%, Coenagrion%, Erythromma%, Ischnura%', Enallagma%, Pyrrhosoma%, Platycnemis%, Aeshna%, Anaciaeschna%', Brachytron%, Anax%, Hemianax%, Gomphus%, Stylurus%, Onychogomphus%, Ophiogomphus%, Cordulegaster%, Epitheca%, Cordulia%', Somatochlora%, Orthetrum%, Libellula%, Sympetrum%, Crocothemis%', Sympetrum%, Leucorrhinia%". The dataset includes 3546 records.
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