Generalist Eimeria species in rodents

Víctor Hugo Jarquín-Díaz, Alice Balard, Anna Mácová, Jenny Jost, Tabea Roth Von Szepesbéla, Karin Berktold, Steffen Tank, Jana Kvičerová & Emanuel Heitlinger
Intracellular parasites of the genus Eimeria are described as tissue/host-specific. Phylogenetic classification of rodent Eimeria suggested that some species have a broader host range than previously assumed. We explore whether Eimeria spp. infecting house mice are misclassified by the most widely used molecular markers due to a lack of resolution, or whether, instead, these parasite species are indeed infecting multiple host species. With the commonly used markers (18S/COI), we recovered monophyletic clades of E. falciformis...
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